Featured Pet of the Month

Hi, I'm Larry,
I start out each day by sleeping next to my human. As morning dawns, I gets closer and closer to the pillow waiting for an eye to open. Once there's some movement, I wait a bit for the human to get up and then I starts tapping on their nose to let them know I want breakfast. If they dare to ignore that, I stick my middle finger claw out and starts tapping their nose to let me know I'm serious.

We finally go out to the kitchen where they pop open a Fancy Feast so I can smell it. If I approves, I gives it a couple of licks and they fill up my bowl. If I don't approve, I leave.

Once the humans are up for the day, I follow them around as they do chores. If I meow enough they stop and play with me. They will throw a ball of yarn and rewind it by my favorite scratching post. I give the scratching post a good back foot beating while sticking a claw to catch the yarn. Once I have the yarn trapped, I'll ignore it and be done playing.  
I do not appreciate bad human singing or dancing. I am a critic and my ears will go flat.
I hide when there's company but will come out after an hour or so to tell them they have overstayed their welcome by running in the living room and then looking at the company and giving them a lecturing meow.

I am very gentle with kittens and will sit on them if they get annoying. Lol.

I sound like a very loving & fun cat, don't you think?


For more information, please call 952-368-7297 line 2. Larry is currently located in foster care. Payment is either cash or check. Sorry we do not do any out of state adoptions. ADOPTING A PET IS A LIFELONG COMMITMENT!


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